About KimonoBox

the Japanese kimono webshop in Ghent, Belgium

KimonoBox started as a hobby and got out of hand. Fond of Japan and its aesthetic I bought some kimono during travels in Japan.

The seasonal and social meaning of the designs, colors and styles is fascinating and reveals some of Japans culture and society. The diversity of materials (silk, cotton to wool and high quality synthetic materials), techniques weaving, dyeing, gold leaf, embroidery and patterns continued to fascinate. From this passion and the interest of others for the collection eventually grew our webshop KimonoBox. Here you will find authenic, real Japanese kimono, mostly vintage, and related items with traditional Japanese patterns and symbols. 

Many shops sell kimono today. Most of them sell 'tourist kimono' made in China. We choose to offer only garments that are actually worn in Japan. Some of our new (versus vintage) products are made in China, but for the Japanese market. If you want to learn more about authentic kimono and how to spot real from fake, check this blog: how-to-spot-fake-kimono.

KimonoBox is a tiny business. There is no real store, just a tiny attic full of Japanese stuff in Gent (Ghent), Belgium.

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